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Keeping Software Updated is Important

Just as it's important to visit Windows Updates on a regular basis or have Automatic Updates enabled, it's also necessary to run the latest versions of software to ensure that your PC is protected. Of particular importance is always running the latest versions of Flash Player, Java, Adobe Reader and QuickTime. They have all experienced vulnerabilities in the past that have allowed PCs to become compromised while running the vulnerable versions.

Internet Explorer Critical Patch

Microsoft has just patched a Critical Vulnerability in Internet Explorer. It is important that users apply the patch immediately. This vulnerability is being actively exploited to download a password stealing Trojan onto PCs as unsuspecting users browse compromised websites with Internet Explorer.

Go to Windows Update today to install the update.

Update Flash Now!

There is a major security update for Flash Player that you need to install if you haven't done so already. Flash Player is vulnerable to a nasty Clickjacking issue that is affecting all browsers. Adobe is categorizing the vulnerability as critical and advising all users to update promptly.

Read more about the warning and download the updated version of Flash by visiting the Flash Player update bulletin page.

Malware Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Your computer is constantly at risk from malware such as Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and more. Anti-Virus software keeps Viruses and many Trojans at bay, but there are a slew of other baddies out there.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware specializes in finding and eradicating malware. The program scans your computer for malware and if found, gives you the option to remove it.

Windows XP SP3

Windows XP SP3 is currently available via Windows Update and Windows Download. It is expected to become available via Automatic Updates between June and July. SP3 includes more than 1,000 fixes. An update of that magnitude should only be done after creating a backup of your computer, just in case something goes wrong. I successfully upgraded all four of our PCs…