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Flash Vulnerability Yet Again

Flash Vulnerability Yet Again

On the heels of Adobe's last Flash update comes news of a new critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player and previous versions. The current vulnerability is already being exploited and Adobe is urging users of Adobe Flash to update to version without delay.

If you installed the newest version a week ago, the easiest way to upgrade is to go to your Windows Control Panel and click the Flash Player (32 bit) icon:

Adobe Flash Control Panel

Then click on the Advanced Tab and click the Check Now button. You should upgrade to version which is the newest Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Update

If you had not updated yet to the latest version, you can update by going to the Adobe Flash Player page or if you prefer to download without using the bundled Adobe Download Manager, you can update by downloading from the Manual Installer Page.

Read the details of the vulnerability and Adobe's recommendation at Security Bulletin for Adobe Flash Player.