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MSE: Great Free Antivirus Protection

MSE: Great Free Antivirus Protection

Once upon a time, if you wanted to keep your PC safe online, you needed to have an updated version of a favorite paid Antivirus program. Freeware Antivirus programs were not recommended because their detection and removal rates were subpar. Lucky for us consumers, today that is no longer the case.

Free Antivirus programs no longer offer mediocre protection. Detection rates and cleanup routines have improved considerably. Many free Antivirus programs rank as well as Top-notch paid programs. In today’s economy where every penny saved counts, there are quite a few excellent freeware Antivirus solutions to choose from.

I use Microsoft Security Essentials due to it’s ease of use, high detection rates, scanning speed and light use of computer resources.

The installation is straight forward. After accepting the Software License, you will be given the option of participating in the Customer Experience Improvement Program:

Upon completing the installation, you will have the option of running a quick scan on your system. The first scan will take longer than subsequent scans. My first Scan took approximately 7 minutes. When the scan completes, you will receive a summary of your status and it’s findings:

Microsoft Security Essentials is feature-rich, yet not overwhelming with it’s options:

If your current Antivirus subscription is about to expire or if you’re using an Antivirus program that makes your PC run sluggishly, you now have other options.

Note: If you decide to try a new Antivirus, be sure to download it before uninstalling your “old” Antivirus, but do not attempt to install it until you fully uninstall your current Antivirus (a reboot may be needed).