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Windows 10 Arrives July 31

Windows 10 Arrives July 31

It’s official, Windows 10 arrives July 31! You may have already noticed a new icon sitting in your notification area (system tray). Clicking on it will open a new window explaining how the Windows 10 upgrade works and giving you the opportunity to reserve your free copy now so that it will be available for you to install on July 31, as soon as it’s released.

Reserving your copy couldn’t be simpler. Just click on the new white Windows icon in your notification area:

Windows 10 tray notice

Click Reserve your free upgrade:

Windows 10 free upgrade

You’ll be presented with a confirmation screen letting you know you’re all done for now:

Windows 10 Confirmation

Don’t wait too long before signing up and upgrading for free to Windows 10 (you’ll have until July 31, 2016 to do so for free), otherwise you will have to pay for the upgrade (the current retail value of Windows 10 Home version is $109). More information about Windows 10, along with screenshots are available at the Official Microsoft Windows 10 website.

If you currently don’t see the upgrade offer, make sure that you have installed all Windows Updates available for your PC.