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Outlook Express Account Settings

Outlook Express Account Settings

In Outlook Express, the Account Settings are the settings used to retrieve your email from your ISP or other provider (like Gmail). Backing up these settings and saving them will help you avoid the hassle of having to go through the Internet Connection Wizard to add your emails to Outlook Express.

Exporting your settings to a backup location is a simple task and well worth the effort, especially if you’re like me and have many email accounts.

Here’s how to do it in three easy steps:

  1. From within Outlook Express, go to Tools and click Accounts.Outlook Express Accounts
  2. Choose the Mail tab. Highlight the account you wish to export and click the Export button.Export Account Settings
  3. Browse to the location you wish to save the backup to, then click the Save button.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every account you wish to export.

Once you have your Outlook Express Account Settings saved you can use them to import your setting to a new PC, an additional PC or if you ever need to restore your email accounts. Importing the settings is as easy as exporting them.

To restore the Email Accounts without using additional software:

  1. From within Outlook Express, go to Tools and click Accounts.
  2. Choose the Mail tab. Click the Import button.
  3. Browse to the location where you saved the backup and click the Open button.

Note: Exporting and saving your Account Settings will NOT save your emails or mail rules, you will need to do that separately. To learn how to backup your Outlook Express Emails, see Outlook Express Backup.