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FileHippo Update Checker

FileHippo Update Checker

Keeping track of software updates has become so much easier thanks to Update Checker . This is a simple program that does it's job beautifully. It scans your computer, then presents a list of all the programs you have installed that have updated versions available for download.

Installing and using Update Checker is easy; after downloading the program, double-click to start set-up. Once the installation wizard starts up, click Next:

Update Checker setup

After reading and accepting license agreement, choose which components to install. I recommend you un-check run at startup since there is no need to have this program constantly running in the background. If you'd like a desktop icon, leave it checked otherwise un-check it as well. Start Menu Shortcut should remain checked so that you can find the program via your start menu.

Update Checker install components

Click Next after choosing which components to install. Leave default location for installation (unless you prefer to install in a different location), then click Install. Once installation is complete, click Close.

When you run Update Checker, the program begins by downloading the latest update list:

Update Checker startup

Then it will scan your PC:

Update Checker scanning

and finally, it will list all the programs that currently have an update available to download (your list may differ depending on programs installed):

update checker scan result

  • If you don't want to be alerted to beta versions that may be available, click the link to disable beta notifications (see screen-shot above).
  • To update a particular program, just click the green download arrow to the right of it (see screen-shot).

The only issue I had with Update Checker was that it listed an update for Windows Live Messenger (which I do not have installed). I have (but don’t use) Windows Messenger which is part of Windows XP. If you get an update notice for Windows Live Messenger and do not use MSN Messenger or Live Messenger to chat, feel free to ignore that update notice.