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Latest Happenings in PC Land

Latest Happenings in PC Land

Windows News:

Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate) is scheduled for May 5 and the final version of Widows 7 is expected to ship during late summer/early fall.

Users currently using Windows Vista will be able to purchase an upgrade version of Windows 7 and upgrade easily to the latest Operating System. Those of us using Windows XP will also be able to purchase upgrade versions of Windows 7 but will have to perform a clean installation (which removes all software and settings prior to installation). There are rumors that a settings transfer program will be provided to help backup settings and programs before performing the upgrade and if they prove to be true, it will make the upgrade process a bit less daunting.

Mozilla News:

Mozilla has recently updated Firefox to 3.0.10. As always, there are various bugs fixed and a security update included with the new version (get it while it's hot).

The next version of Firefox, dubbed Firefox 3.5 is expected to be released sometime during the summer and will have additional speed and security enhancements.