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Pre-Order Windows 7 Now

Pre-Order Windows 7 Now

Microsoft Windows 7 is currently available for Pre-Order until July 11th (while supplies last). At only $49.99, the Premium Home version is a steal. I wasted no time in pre-ordering my upgrade licenses and will be counting down the days until October 22nd (the expected shipping date). If you don't plan on purchasing a new PC in the near future and your PC currently has Windows Vista or XP, this is your best chance to get a fantastic Operating System at a great price.

Pre-Order information can be found on the Windows 7 Pre-Order page, as well as basic system requirements.

For those looking to purchase a new PC, most manufactures are offering FREE upgrades to Windows 7 once it begins shipping. Here are a few that already have the free upgrade offers on their websites:

If you're specifically looking for a notebook, there is a page with all the notebooks eligible for free upgrades: Featured PCs at Microsoft.

To refresh your memory about Windows 7, you can take a look another look at what's new in Windows 7.