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Optimize Your PC with CCleaner

Optimize Your PC with CCleaner

As I mentioned in my previous post Boost your PC's Performance, CCleaner is an excellent freeware tool. CCleaner keeps my PC optimized and clutter-free by removing unnecessary temporary internet files and keeps my privacy protected by helping me manage the Internet cookies and files I wish to keep.

The software includes:

  • A File Cleaner to remove internet tracks, temporary files no longer needed, and slew of other files that can be safely removed (if unsure, view online help).
  • A Registry Cleaner to remove obsolete, leftover registry entries.
  • Tools to help you manage your Add/Remove list and Start-up programs.
  • Many customizable Options so that you can make the best use of the software according to your personal needs.

When installing CCleaner, you can choose to add CCleaner to the Recycle Bin context menu (see screen shots):

installing ccleaner


The CCleaner interface is uncluttered and simple to navigate:

Clicking on the Cleaner button, presents you with a list of files that can be cleaned (deleted). Place a check mark on the files you want removed. Uncheck any you don't want CCleaner to clean. You can adjust your Windows cleaning by using the Windows tab and Applications tab (top of window, see screen shot for reference).

CCleaner Windows file cleaning

The Options button on the bottom left of the CCleaner window allows you to easily adjust the program Settings. You can also choose which Cookies to keep or delete, which files to Include or Exclude from the cleaning process, and edit additional Advanced settings (just click the corresponding buttons).

CCleaner settings

Via the Settings Menu you can choose to have CCleaner start with Windows (good choice for those who prefer to "set it and forget it"). If you choose to have CCleaner start with Windows, the program will automatically run and perform it's cleaning when your computer boots up or reboots. Additionally, you can choose between secure file deletion or regular file deletion. Secure file deletion will overwrite your deleted files (perfect for those of us who are security conscious).

With it's user-friendly interface and plethora of settings, CCleaner is a must have. The Standard Build includes the Yahoo Toolbar. If you prefer not to install the Toolbar, choose CCleaner-Slim (last one on the list). Despite the warning on the page, anyone can install the Slim Build, it's exactly the same as the Standard Build, minus the Yahoo Toolbar.