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Take a Screen-shot in Windows

Take a Screen-shot in Windows

Many people don't know how easy it is to create a screen-shot in Windows.

Look for the PrtScn key located on the upper right side of your keyboard (you should see it after the F12 key). Now click the PrtScn key once. That's it, you've just taken a screen-shot of your desktop (no kidding). You're probably thinking, “Okay, great, now how do I make the screen-shot appear?”

To see your screen-shot, just open your graphics editor of choice and choose Paste from the edit menu (or hit Ctrl and the letter V on your keyboard). I use Irfanview to paste my screen-shots. It has a simple icon that you can click to paste the screen-shot (see image below). You can also use MS Paint (available in all versions of Windows) or Microsoft Word to paste the screen-shot.

Irfanview paste screen-shot

Once you have your screen-shot in your program of choice, You're free to resize or edit it as you wish. Remember to save the image before you exit your graphics program if you want to share the screen-shot or would like to work on it again in the future.