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No To All When Copying or Moving Files

No To All When Copying or Moving Files

You may have noticed that when you're moving or copying files in Windows and there is already a file with the same name, you get a message stating that the file already exists and asking if you want to replace it.

If you'd like to replace (overwrite) the files that already exist all you have to do is click the Yes to All button. If however, you don't want to overwrite them, there is no obvious way to enable No to All.

Although it's hidden, there is a simple way to enable No to All so that you don't get bombarded with overwrite confirmations.

  • Hold down the Shift Key while you click the No button and you will activate No to All for the current task:

no to all

This will allow you to keep any files that are already present without having to click no many times. You’ll be able to use this trick whenever you want to prevent constant pop-ups when moving or copying files with Windows Explorer.