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Firefox 10

Firefox 10

Mozilla has just released Firefox 10. If you’re using an older version, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Firefox 10 is much faster than it’s predecessors, more secure, uses less memory and is more stable as well.

To upgrade just go to Help, About Firefox and click the Check for Update button. Firefox will download the update and you will be prompted to install the latest version.

If you don’t currently use Firefox and want to see what all the fanfare is about, you can read more (and download it) at the Mozilla Firefox website.

Some changes that I was not crazy about, were easily “fixed” once I knew where to look. Most noticeably missing was the status bar at the bottom of my webpages. This was easily remedied by right-clicking an empty space on my window frame and clicking Add-on Bar to enable the new Addon Bar.

Another thing I wasn’t crazy about was the placement of my “Home” icon. The icon was easily moved to a new location by right-clicking an empty spot at the top of the Firefox Window and choosing Customize. I was then able to freely drag the icon to place it where I wanted it. In addition to moving icons, you can also add to the icons already visible by dragging them from the Customize Toolbar window or delete them by dragging them from the toolbar to the Customize Toolbar window.

Don’t be afraid to upgrade or try it out. If you install it and have issues, there is Help available at the Firefox Support page.

If you don’t see your issue listed, just search for it via the search bar and you will get a listing of matching topics for you to choose from.