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Windows 10 Latest News

Windows 10 Latest News

Windows 10 will be released this summer. That’s only a few months away! Microsoft already has a Windows 10 Webpage that explains what’s new with Windows 10.

What’s so great about Windows 10?

  • Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 users will be able to upgrade for free as long as the upgrade is done within the first year after Microsoft releases Windows 10. Those who upgrade during that time get to keep their licensed Window 10 version after the first year offer expires.
  • Although created to take full advantage of the latest computer hardware, Windows 10 will happily run on older computers. The minimum requirements to run Windows 10 will be 1GB of Memory (2GB for 64bit) and 16GB of hard drive space.
  • Your Windows Operating System will never be outdated. Windows updates will continue to be delivered seamlessly in the background for as long as you own your computer or Windows device.
  • Windows 10 will feature Cortana, your digital search assistant, available to you at all times.
  • No more Internet Explorer. Windows 10 will have a brand new browser, currently code-named Project Spartan.
  • The Xbox app on Windows will integrate your gaming experience with Windows and allow you to connect with your Xbox Live friends online.

Microsoft has also shared featured images of what we can expect to see in Windows 10. I’m very excited about the upcoming release and will be sharing updated information as I get it.